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Regarding "Understanding Social Styles Workshop"

"It is my pleasure to recommend the Social Styles Workshop presented by Cristina Gomez, President of Advantage Personnel. 

After personally attending the Social Styleís workshop, I concluded that this information could enhance the customer service skills of our staff, therefore I asked Cristina to present at Integrated Financialís monthly staff development meeting. 

The staff found the information valuable in determining what type of individual they are dealing with and how to appropriately communicate with that individual.  As a facilitator, Cristina did a great job of getting everyone to participate by providing real life scenarios and asking the audience to do the same in an encouraging and enthusiastic demeanor. 

This seminar helped the staff to look at many of our clients differently.  Many discussions about Social Styles and communication styles have lead to better customer service.  I highly recommend this seminar for any organization.  The information will improve both internal and external communications.

" - Cheramie L. Bellot, Director of Marketing, Integrated Financial & Insurance Services

Regarding "Understanding Social Styles Workshop"

"Better understanding of my co-workers - now I can use this to get things done." - Director of Programs and Communication, American Electronic Association.

"Great exercise to quickly discover colleagues preferred style of communicating and improve productivity during meetings." - Career Coach, KCC Inc.

"I'd like to share this exercise with my executive team."  - HR Director, WJ Communications

"Gave insight into myself and team" - HR Manager, Sirf Technology

Regarding "Executive Presence Workshop"

"Very specific and doable suggestions" - HR Director, WJ Communications

"Good practical, concrete advice/suggestions...thorough and knowledgeable" - Employee Relations Consultant, Hewlett Packard

"Would love it to have been even longer...bring Joel Garfinkiel back again!" - Training and Development, Polycom                                           

"Joel was great and informative!  Wonderful!"  - HR Manager, Tensilica Inc.



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