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Advantage Personnel, Inc. is not an employment agency,
we are a private staffing firm.

The service we render is made possible by a substantial investment in recruiting, testing, interviewing and training. We do, however, recognize that our ability to recruit quality field employees often results in your desire to hire our employees. Advantage Personnel, Inc.'s Temp-to-Hire Placement Services are available for such scenarios.

We also recognize that you may wish to specifically recruit for a position but wish to preview a candidate's skills, abilities and interaction with others before a full time regular position is offered. For this reason, as well as the other mentioned above, Advantage Personnel, Inc.'s Temp-to-Hire Placement Services are available.

Advantage Personnel will conduct the entire job search and refer candidates who are interested in the temp-to-hire opportunity. You will then have the opportunity to interview the candidate and determine whether or not the candidate will start as a temporary employee for a period of time. Time periods and/or separation fees vary depending upon the scope and salary of the position and are agreed upon at the onset of every search.

Once the time period has lapsed, a formal job offer can be made if desired, and no separation fee will charged. If a job offer is extended prior to the minimum hours requirement being met, a separation fee will be charged.

A placement guarantee is not offered with Temp-to-Hire Placement Services as you will have had the opportunity to observe and evaluate the prospective employee's performance in advance of making an offer.

Advantage Personnel, Inc.'s Temp-to-Hire Placement Services allow both the client and the job candidate to preview each other's work style and expectations before a commitment is made.


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