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Please use the following guidelines to review your resume
and avoid anyone of these common mistakes in resume writing

Resume Do's

Print resume on clean, neat sheet of fine quality paper.

Resumes should look pleasant to the eye always use lots of "white space", bolding, and underlining to define the different sections of your resume.
Always include an objective, it should relate to the position of which you are applying, otherwise use a general objective. (i.e. "To contribute several years of experience in the area of..."
Include month and year, starting and ending dates of job history. Note: if your dates don't reflect stability, place dates on right side margin of resume.
Include accomplishments and achievements as often as possible.
Keep a consistent format and the same verb tense.
Always start your sentences with actions verbs (i.e. created, performed, directed, composed, managed, coordinated...).
Always have someone else proofread your work, in addition to yourself.
Include a personalized cover letter or a general letter of introduction. The letter should explain your reason for applying for the job.
Hand deliver resume and letter whenever possible.

Resume Don'ts

Write in the first person (i.e. "I typed all correspondence...")
Have any typographical errors or misspellings
Use loud color paper.
Put dates of high school graduation.
Put personal information such as marital status, ages, social security number, number of children, etc.
Make it longer than one page
List your very first position first.
Try to be innovative, do stick with a standard format.
Present a resume with poor quality printing.
Present a resume on copier paper.
Exclude work history or dates of employment.
Include job history over ten years old.
Include references on the body of the resume. DO use a separate sheet for this purpose.
Use company specific terminology. DO translate it into terms that make sense to the reader.
Ever give inaccurate dates or false information regarding experience or education.



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