Executive Presence



How To Get Noticed,

Stand out and Create Visibility

With Your

Senior Management


(Six-Step Process)


Presented by Joel Garfinkle

Founder of Garfinkle Executive Coaching

And Dream Job Coaching


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Thursday, April 22, 2004




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SIX-Step process


get noticed, stand out, and

create visibility with your senior management


The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.

Kenneth Blanchard – 

1.   Become a Spokesperson for Human Resources 

2.   Promote Your Accomplishments

3.   Know Your Elevator Speech

4.   Identify Advocates and Gather Support

5.   Create Influence Inside the Company

6.   Remember Who You Are


Promote Your Accomplishments


List your top 3 accomplishments, their financial benefit and contributing characteristics. By promoting the human resources team and your personal accomplishments, you and your department will gain recognition. 




Financial Benefit

Identifiable Talent













































Know Your Elevator Speech


Use the elevator speech to promote who you are and to re-educate the company and individuals with whom you interact. Remember, you want to update your elevator speech monthly based on the new projects you are working on, have accomplished, and want to promote.


For each of the steps below, write one sentence.


Step 1: Summarize the department’s top achievements/skills/experience accomplished during the month. (Use Promote Your Accomplishments, page 2.)




Step 2: List one or two top specific accomplishments that are impressive and have the most impact to others in the company. (Use Promote Your Accomplishments, page 2.)




Step 3: Name the other departments with whom you or human resources have worked during this project and the benefits they gained.




Step 4: List individuals that you or human resources have influenced and assisted this month.




Step 5: Combine the four sentence from above into a 30-second, four-sentence elevator speech:






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