Engage 'Em or Lose 'Em

Getting the Most from Employees
Through Full Engagement

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Prepared Exclusively for:

Advantage Personnel


Presented by:

Michael O. “Coop” Cooper

Principal, Paragon Strategies

Text Box: © 2004 Paragon Strategies: Training and Facilitation for Full Engagement


February 26, 2004


Why Engagement?

Bottom Line Results

§Only fully engaged employees are performing near their potential

§Customer relationships improve when employees are engaged

§Employees become more loyal, motivated and creative



Other Benefits

Organizations that focus on Employee Engagement enjoy:

§   improved productivity levels

§   higher levels of customer engagement

§   increased retention of best employees

§   improved profitability

§   reduced accident and healthcare costs

From: First, Break All the Rules (Simon & Schuster, 1999)


Why are you in Human Resources?





What is it that you want from employees?

 High quality work

 Commitment to company vision

 Creativity, innovation and ability to adapt





What is the biggest barrier you see to getting what you want from your employees?
Why Now?

§    Hyper-competition

§    Commoditization of entire businesses

§    Transparency theory

§    Relationships are essential


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