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Advantage Personnel, Inc. in response to our client’s feedback requesting a flexible and more economic process to contract outside recruiting assistance, is proud to announce the development of Advantage A La Carte.

This new service provides on-site and off-site progressive recruiting functions to address the following market challenges:

Reduced recruitment budgets to hire traditional staffing services
Overwhelming flow of diverse resumes consuming hiring managers time and focus
Less time for hiring managers to review high response to job postings due to downsizing
Reduced training opportunities to coach hiring managers regarding successful/legal interviewing techniques
Higher management’s expectations regarding quick and efficient hires from what is perceived to be as a “large pool of candidates”
Working from your pool of proprietary candidates, we provide staffing solutions in the following areas:
Development of Internet and Media Job Advertisements
Resume Screening with Customized Reporting to match fundamental position requirements
Candidate Phone Screens with Customized Reporting to match essential position requirements and expectations
Initial Candidate Interview with Detailed Individual Reporting
Scoring Reports for all Candidate Services with customized sorting
Presentation of Pre-Selected Candidates to Hiring Managers
Customized Interview Strategies for Each Pre-Selected candidate
Customized Employer References
Employment and Educational Verification
Coaching for New Hiring Managers: Learn the Social Styles of your Team before your hire.



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